Thursday, July 1, 2010

Heroic Rage

Been busy. Comics have been good. I've really enjoyed the idea or theme of Heroic age. I've been wanting to write that for awhile.

Now that our feet are wet it still seems like a lot of fun. Heroic Age is a perfect jumping in point. This should go without saying as we know any good comic strives for this almost every issue. Well most characters have been tied up in Civil Wars, Secret Invasions, Sieges and now, it's time they get back to their usual titles. Like any event there's plenty of new titles (Young Allies, Secret Avengers) but also a renumbering and variations of former books. (New Avengers, Atlas)
I'd recommend Age of Heroes for a jumping off point. It's just a collection of random stories kicking off many of the stories under the Heroic Age banner.

Thunderbolts instantly jumped out at me. I've been following the T-bolts for awhile, and this arc brought a fair share of nostalgia and new fun. Kudos to Jeff Parker. I haven't always been a fan, but his Savage She Hulk has won me over as a solid and smashing tie into Hulk's stories. Parker also did the two part Hulked Out Heroes story, a fun little Hulkpool (that's right, Hulk + Deadpool) tale of the Gamma infused Merc with a Mouth time traveling through the Marvel U.

This does brings about that not everything is under the Heroic age Banner. Hulk and X-men are both deep within their own crossovers. Both have been great and deserve a mention.

Other books that I'd recommend:

Invincible Iron Man- Enjoy the new installment of Iron Man in the theaters? This book will offer some familiar names, as well as more robot tech fun. Creators Fraction and Larroca got an Eisner for this title, and justly so.

Nemesis - Did you see Kick-Ass? Well, of course Millar has a new Icon title on the shelves for you to follow. Teamed up once again with McNiven, this super star team has offered up two gruesomely fun issues so far. Concept? Think sinister, evil Batman.

In closing, go visit a comic book store. There's plenty of sweet stuff worth checking out. geek out.