Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Prelude to C2E2

April feels like it could be an explosive start to another summer of super hero themed fun. As a resident of the Chicago land area, I'm excited for C2E2 next weekend.

The fun starts Thursday night, on the eve of the con. That's when Kick-Ass will premiere in many theaters all over America. I'm sure you've seen enough of the ads, and had enough of your friends try to push this title on you, but I would definitely recommend this title. I'm not the biggest Romita Jr. fan. Regardless, Kick-Ass features some of JRJR's best work. It goes perfect with the Millar's graphic story telling. Read that, go see the movie.

Now Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo feels like it's going to be a load of fun. This is a first time thing, and will kick off my con season of 2010. I always enjoy Wizard World Chicago, but the saddest part is knowing I have to wait 12 months for another area con. Not this year, no sir. With four month's between next week's C2E2 and Wizard World Chicago it doesn't feel like the cons are competing, but rather doubling the fun. Enough comparison, more excited ranting.

The guest list is ridiculous. Rather than listing it, I'll just post this link. Truthfully, I'm excited for all of the usually Con related joys panels, signings, exhibitions, and the what not. More on that excitement next week, now onto the joy of the printed word.

  • Necrosha - Started off strong crossing over half of the X-titles. The meat of the story was in X-Force, which was thoroughly great. The X-titles have been in constant crossovers for awhile now, and the end of Necrosha feels slightly covered up by the start of Second Coming
  • Siege - What an exciting crossover to start off the year. At first I couldn't believe the main title would only consist of four issues, with the support of four months of tie-ins. Now with only the conclusion waiting to be released, it's proven to be non-stop excitement. The culmination of the events of Dark Reign will leave an interesting canvas for the upcoming Heroic Age.
  • Nemesis - Yeah, I'm a sucker for Millar's work. McNiven as well. If you haven't read Old Man Logan, go out and buy the trade. Nemesis is an Icon title, which has perfect timing with the success of Kick-Ass. I felt it paid up on everything I was expecting; Millar's typical engaging story telling paired up with McNiven's graphic, violent, artwork. With only one issue on the shelves it is hard to tell how this will play out. I would recommend picking this one up, and being ahead of the curve.
Well, that's it for now. More updates next week about the events of C2E2.

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