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Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness have created the perfect jumping on point for comics and the Marvel Universe. One of the new titles in the Marvel Now! launch, Sam Alexander is a new Nova, from a new Supernovas Corp, with all new enemies and threats to the Marvel Universe. Staying true to it's cosmic roots, Nova will soon be a main title in the current crossover Infinity.

Sam Alexander grew up hearing stories of the Nova Corps and aliens from his drunk father. He believed they were fairy tales until shortly after his father disappeared a talking raccoon showed up with a Nova helmet for Sam. Like all good sci-fi stories, the helmet has a small blue hologram that inspires our hero to start on this adventure. Rocket Raccoon and Gamora of the Guardians of the Galaxy train our new Nova, since there are no remaining Novas in the universe. So in the end, don't worry if you don't know about Richard Rider, this is a new Nova!

During the fairy tales Jesse Alexander told his son, he explained that the Supernovas were different than the "gold domes" like Richard Rider and the former Novas. The black domes as they called themselves were for covert op missions. So what you don't know about the Nova Corp doesn't matter, this is a new Nova!

During issue 4 we finally meet Sam's first villain, Titus. This anthropomorphic white tiger was once a Nova soldier who fought alongside Sam's father. If you flip back to issue 1 he reads like Jesse's best friend. Turns out Jesse's tales might be a little skewed. Titus is angry at Jesse for abandoning the Novas for Alex's birth. Now Titus has partnered with the Chitauri to obtain an Ultimate Nullifier in an attempt for cosmic power.

Chitauri, that sure sounds familiar. Aren't they those invading aliens in that Avengers movie? The Chitauri were originally created by Mark Millar in the Ultimates comic as a recreation of the Skrulls. Now Loeb is bringing them into the 616 Marvel Universe in an awesome stepping stone to the upcoming Thanos story. 

Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness are an amazing duo who once teamed up in 2008 on the Hulk series. For 2 years Loeb kept comic fans guessing "who is the Red Hulk?" McGuinness brings a whole new set of colorful characters with the big muscled Titus, his fellow Nova Mister Z'zz, and the does a perfect illustration of Rocket Raccoon. Dexter Vines colors really shine in this series. The lighting during the earth scenes at Sam's home competes with the awe inspiring space scenes. McGuinness's depiction of the Chitauri ships bring a brighter color pallet to the imagery of the movie.

Zeb Wells and Paco Medina will be taking over on the series starting with issue 6. Remember when Nova crash landed on earth during AvX? This whole series has been the origin story of that Nova. Wells and Medina will introduce our new Nova to the Marvel heroes and bring us up to speed with the Infinity crossover. Wells and Medina have both worked on Avenging Spider-man, never together, but they'll finally team-up for what I hope will be some exciting team-up stories. This is a recipe for upcoming comic book gold.

As Head of Television for Marvel, Loeb accidentally introduced Sam Alexander as the Nova in the Ultimate Spider-man cartoon. This comic goes more in depth into the character with an origin story and retelling of the Nova Corp. Loeb and McGuinness did a short comic with the new Nova in Marvel Point One published before the series. It featured a more experienced Sam fighting a villain of the previous Nova. Likewise at the end of AvX Thor invited our noir Nova to join the Avengers. Loeb has promised to return to the series and there's plenty of exciting stories to come. 

Fun Fact: Loeb was a writer for Commando and Teen Wolf. If you ever see him at a Con, ask about Arnold. 

Nova isn't just a great jumping on point for a comic, but it's a great entry point for the Marvel Universe. A new series with a new hero and story, poised at a crucial entry into Infinity. Nova is fighting the aliens of the Avengers movie, and about to take on the infamous Thanos. Jump on at Nova #1 for a great origin story. But if you're as impatient as our hero Sam, jump right into Wells and Paco's start at Nova #6. Keep your eye out for The Loeb/McGuinness trade to come out, because this will be an origin story you want on you book shelf. Don't let the new human rocket pass you by!

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