Friday, November 5, 2010

Invincible #75

This milestone issue was the most anticipated book in my stack, and it did not disappoint. Truly an amazing comic worth checking out. We're waist deep into the Viltrumite War, the cosmic event that has been building from the beginning of this title. Mark Grayson and the Coalition of Planets are mounting a final assault on the retreating Viltrumites. Just a few pages into this book and the outer space brawl has already begun, and the action only continues to grow. At the high point of the battle there's six back to back double-page spreads! Twelve straight pages of Ottley's most amazing work yet.

This thickened issue dives even deeper into this enriched universe Kirkman has penned for us. A new female Viltrumite fighter was an exciting start to the battle. Finally there's a name for the Viltrumite Emperor we've seen the past few issues. We've also gotten a taste of Thagg's strength as well. Plus, fan favorite Allen the Alien gets his hands dirty with some Viltrumite gore. Our heroes have lead a devastating attack on Viltrum, but at what cost?

Oh, and if all that Invincible action isn't enough, there's also a Science Dog and Tech Jacket back-up.

The creative team behind this book is truly amazing. Invincible is truly one of the best superhero books out there. Robert Kirkman is one of the most enthralling story tellers of this decade. He's constantly got multiple books for Image, including the popular Walking Dead series. Ryan Ottley's artwork gets sweeter with every issue. The team brought on Cliff Rathburn to help out with the burden of all that inking. Him and Ottley made a seamless transition. Colorist Fco Plascencia really blew this issue away. The desaturated scene of space juxtaposed with the vibrant colors of blood and battle. Plus seeing Corey Walker's art in Science Dog was awesome. Hats off to anyone who's ever made Invincible possible. It's truly an amazing title worth checking out. Issue #75 here is a shining example of why this book is "The Best Superhero Comic Book In The Universe."

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