Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Invincible Iron Man #31

The most recent issue of Invincible Iron Man is filled with electrifying suspense. The reliable action you'd expect from this award winning title doesn't stop. Tony Stark is locked into a high-tech corporate war with Hammer Industries. Stark Resilient hasn't even taken off and already Stark's prototype arc reactor car has been sabotaged. Last issue ended with a cliffhanging explosion, and as the smoke clears on the first page of this book our hero stands unscathed beneath his armor. Tony has one last chance to make this company work, and his enemies haven't even revealed their trump card yet. Hammer Industries has launched a phone app that uses naive gamers to pilot military droids that will aid Detroit Steel against Shell head. Next issue is hopefully the exciting conclusion between Detroit Steel and Iron Man.
Fraction and Larroca have been working on this award winning title from the beginning, and it's only thickened with excitement. Every issue offers a new glimpse into Iron Man's ever changing suit. Each additional antagonist brings more gadgets and another crippling blow to Tony's life. Where will these guys take us from here? Fraction just started up writing duties on Thor, which is another solid book I'd recommend. So if you're looking for high-tech, electrifying, award winning excitement, check out Invincible Iron Man.

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